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SWM Communications– From engineer to entrepreneur

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – SWM Communications.

SWM Communications is a leading integrated marketing and communications consultancy. They have implemented both digital and traditional advertising, marketing, public relations and communications strategies for various clients in the industrial, health, safety and ICT sectors.

Sandy Wardle, a passionate female engineer, started SWM Communications because she recognised a crucial need in the Built and Technology Environment sectors. Though these sectors have ground-breaking innovations, they struggle to convey their complex technical solutions to a broader audience effectively. This is where SWM Communications stepped in with both intricate knowledge of engineering and technology and the ability to articulate these concepts in a way that is engaging and accessible to a diverse audience.

One of the most significant challenges Sandy Wardle experienced in her business journey was that SWM Communications was heavily dependent on her presence to operate. This meant that any plans to retire or exit the company would lead to its closure, so how could she prevent this and ensure the long-term sustainability of her business? As with any challenge, the first step was to acknowledge it. With this, she partnered with a business coaching team to provide her with valuable insights, guidance, and support for creating a self-sustaining and thriving business.  With this knowledge, she began building a competent team to deal with the day-to-day business. She then began fostering a productive work environment that implemented great systems to streamline meetings and ensure time was used effectively.

By addressing these challenges strategically and proactively, Sandy Wardle transformed SWM Communications into a self-sustaining and thriving business, paving the way for its long-term success and potential expansion into new markets. “The greatest challenge for any entrepreneur is moving from ‘working in the business’ to ‘working on the business’– focusing on growing a business”, she says. Her resilience, willingness to adapt, and openness to coaching were instrumental in conquering the challenge and steering her business toward a sustainable future.

In the future, they envision SWM Communications as a trailblazer in the integrated marketing and communications industry, setting new standards and redefining the landscape in the Built and Technology Environment sectors. Their aspirations extend far beyond mere expansion; they aim to be pioneers of innovation, champions of diversity, and beacons of ethical business practices.

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