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Inspiring stories of entrepreneurs – Little Green Number

Small Business FridayJuanita Van Der Merwe, founder of Little Green Number, was recently awarded the 2016 National Innovation Award at the South African Small Business Awards. Little Green Number is a social business that turns billboard waste into bags. The company has Community Based Micro Manufacturing Franchises (CBMMFs) all over Gauteng and they intend to take this national. They are passionate about eradicating poverty through social business principles: doing good, whilst doing good business. Their aim is to empower individuals through these CBMMFs, while building a profitable and sustainable commercial brand.

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Free Business Help

Three keys to getting free help for your business

You have a bright idea for a new business venture but where do you start? How can you get the knowledge you need to make your business a success? How can you achieve your great business dreams with the limited finances that you have available? These are some of the questions which go through any aspiring entrepreneur’s head. Here are some keys to help you unlock the free help and advice you seek so that you can lift your name high with the entrepreneurial greats that you admire. 

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Take action and do it

You have to get moving and create. Whatever you have chosen to pursue in your life, take action and do something about it. Don’t overthink your way to success. Sometimes our thoughts keep us from achieving because we overthink and overanalyse every situation. We prevent ourselves from achieving by instilling fear (and therefore doubt) rather than courage into our own hearts. No matter how much you think, you need to take action. Developing a ‘do it’ mind-set takes time. But it can quickly keep you from falling off the cliff of achievement. It will prevent you from wasting time and falling short in all aspects of your life!

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Key tips to make this year the big one

It’s back to business for many and for the thousands of SMEs that kept on going over the festive season; I hope that your tills have been filled with plenty! Early January is always the time when most fine-tune goals and objectives, and also think about what they could have done the year before. 2015 is history so let’s learn from it and focus on the NOW. We all want to go big every year, but let’s make this year the Big One.

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