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Regional arrangements: Europe, ARIPO and OAPI

Article provided by Adams & Adams A patent application is a request made to a patent office for the grant of a patent for a particular invention. Ordinarily, this request would be made to a national patent office for grant of a patent within that country. However, regional arrangements exist, whereby a treaty regulates the grant of intellectual property rights, such as patents, for a larger geographical jurisdiction. A regional patent application may therefore have effect in several different countries. Regional arrangements may offer advantages such as lower costs (i.e. of filing one central application instead of several national applications), faster processes etc. The three main regional arrangements which will be discussed fall within Europe and Africa (ARIPO) and (OAPI).

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Patents: time to be inventive

Article by Dr Charleen Rupnarain (Associate) - Adams & Adams A patent is an exclusive right granted by a government that allows the patentee to exclude anyone else from making, using, selling, offering for sale, or importing the patented invention without his permission. In order to be granted these rights, the invention must be new, inventive and have use in trade, industry or agriculture. Having previously discussed the requirement of novelty, this article focuses on the requirement of inventiveness.

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Overview of patents in South Africa

Article by Hugo Biermann from Adams & Adams As the first in a series regarding patents in South Africa, this article provides a general framework of the patenting process and introduces a number of concepts which will be dealt with in subsequent articles. A patent is a limited monopoly granted by the state to an inventor, or another person entitled to an invention, in exchange for the disclosure of the invention to the public. Generally, inventions have a technical content and could, for example, be in the form of new articles or devices, apparatus or equipment, processes for producing or manufacturing a product, chemical substances and formulations and technical computer-implemented methods.

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