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Key tips to make this year the big one

It’s back to business for many and for the thousands of SMEs that kept on going over the festive season; I hope that your tills have been filled with plenty! Early January is always the time when most fine-tune goals and objectives, and also think about what they could have done the year before. 2015 is history so let’s learn from it and focus on the NOW. We all want to go big every year, but let’s make this year the Big One.

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He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior!

As a business owner, it is inevitable that at some point on our journey we will hit that T-junction or worse the ‘Brick Wall’. This ‘life happening’ and ‘what to do now’, is not taught at Business School. At this point, most throw in the towel, but there are some who dig deep and keep moving. This is what makes a true entrepreneur. The ultimate success factor is overcoming adversity and bouncing back.

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Winning strategies for entrepreneurial success

Entrepreneurs who have become successful in changing the world have successfully conquered themselves first. They have transformed themselves from arrogant to humble, lazy to hardworking, negative to positive, unhappy to happy, ungrateful to grateful, pessimistic to optimistic and unlikeable to likeable. They have become people who never quit as opposed to people who give up easily. They constantly think and behave like winners.

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Your own success – it’s everything and it’s a choice

I frequently talk about the topic and just about every day, wherever I may be, am asked this question in one form or another, ‘What do I need to do to build a highly successful business?’ For an entrepreneur, success is just about everything. We all spend a great deal of time and energy searching for the ultimate path to the top.

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Are you getting nowhere fast?

Living on the edge and taking risks is the key to happiness and success. Almost everything worth doing is risky. Are you stuck in a comfort zone and just hoping to have a mistake-free, loss-free, and stress-free life? It may sound like the good life, but it is actually the 'no-life' way to go. Too much safety and comfort bore me and lead to apathy and a life of mediocrity. You will never get where you want to be if you don’t take risks.

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