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Achieve exceptional results on a restricted budget

It is now time to be unconventional and bold so you can get your brand out there with style and impact. Start applying your thinking and risk-taking creativity into your everyday environment ... then get ready to make a marketing splash! One can achieve exceptional results on a restricted budget. I don’t want to waste time by talking about conventional methods and the big costs attached to it. Let’s rather focus on a new beginning and what we need to do to get those results through a strategy called Guerrilla Marketing.

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Are you getting nowhere fast?

Living on the edge and taking risks is the key to happiness and success. Almost everything worth doing is risky. Are you stuck in a comfort zone and just hoping to have a mistake-free, loss-free, and stress-free life? It may sound like the good life, but it is actually the 'no-life' way to go. Too much safety and comfort bore me and lead to apathy and a life of mediocrity. You will never get where you want to be if you don’t take risks.

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