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Five ways to increase sales in any economic climate

The quickest way to fall prey to business failure or be outperformed in an ailing market is by doing nothing.You should still persist with your strategies to increase sales even in an economic downturn. Do not wait for the economy to improve before taking action. One has to be innovative and adaptively learn to market products and services in the toughest of economic climates. Here are five ways to uplift sales in any business climate.

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The real secret to increasing your sales

Article by Mark Keating - CEO Sales Guru If I could guarantee you R1 million if you increased your sales results by 20% during the next two months, would you be able to do it? People would arrive earlier and leave later than they currently do. They would no longer have a 'time management' problem, and overnight would be focusing their time on what really matters to ensure they achieve this target. They would no longer have 'call reluctance', and increasing their pipeline of potential business would become a major priority. I also believe that everyone will take more control of their sales process, understand where their business will come from and not waste time on the wrong type of prospects. Procrastination will disappear almost immediately, both for the sales people and their prospects. Their level of excitement, enthusiasm and motivation will become contagious and infect their colleagues, prospects and customers. In short, they will achieve the 20% sales increase and more with laser-like focus.

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How to save time on social media

Social media has become an important part of almost every business’ marketing strategy. It allows for direct interaction with customers, while helping one create highly targeted content. People undoubtedly reveal quite a lot about their interests through their social media accounts, making it easier for businesses to know who to target for their businesses, as well as learn more about their thoughts, interests and needs. However, there is a substantial amount of information available on social media, with people continuously updating statuses, sending messages and commenting. As a business owner, you are unlikely to have undivided time to effectively keep a close eye on your social media accounts. Large companies actually hire social media managers to monitor their accounts and interact with customers. But if you cannot afford to hire a full-time social media manager at present, you can save time in the following ways. In fact, even managers can apply and benefit from some of these tips for more effective planning:

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The technician who could not sell

By Mark Berger - Mark Berger Training: Years ago, we bought an expensive photo copy machine for our business. The 'Sales Rep' got us to sign the contract, made their commission and went on to find the next customer. We never saw them again. However, at least once every 3 months, a 'technician' would come to our offices to service the machine. As he was a 'technical person', he never asked us any 'sales' questions. He never asked if we needed paper (we were not even aware that their company sold paper). He never asked us if we would like additional functionality, such as scanning or faxing (we never knew the machine could do that). He never offered to upgrade us to a newer, more suitable machine (we thought ours was doing just fine!).

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