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Starting Business

Five rules when starting your own business 

Article by Werner van Rooyen (TradeWorld Leads and Tenders and Many people dream of starting their own businesses. There are many people who actually go out and start their own businesses and then fail dismally. There are horrific statistics of how many start-up businesses fail within the first two years. Some say as many as 80% of all start-ups fail within the first two years, and of the remaining 20%, another 80% fail in the following three years. The four businesses that survive the first five years will most probably be successful and exist for some time. The question is, why do so many businesses fail? There is no straightforward answer. What we need to focus on, is what to do to make your business sustainable. You want to ensure your business survives the first two years in order for you to build up a reputation as reliable and sustainable, enabling you to respond to that large tender that will provide you with financial independence. There are many factors that one needs to consider when starting your own business and here are five rules that you need to adhere to when doing so:

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Reasons why starting a business is a great idea

If you have a desire to start a business, you should explore this seriously and avert the risk of wondering what could have been. It is often said that some are born entrepreneurs and some learn to be entrepreneurs. Either way, all agree that business comes with immense challenges, particularly when starting and growing one from scratch. But being an entrepreneur comes with great benefits and advantages. This article seeks to highlight several entrepreneurial benefits that make business an idea well worth pursuing.

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