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How to start a business and go from zero to hero

It is time to move from the mundane to the spectacular. Why not take charge of your future and #ThinkBeyondAJob? You may say that you don’t have the funding but this should not stand in your way. With hard work, passion and thinking outside of the box, you can make your dreams a reality with the minimum of resources. On 10 November 2016, Mike Anderson, Founder and CEO of the NSBC, launched the initiative #ThinkBeyondAJob to encourage young South Africans to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit. The movement hopes to inspire you, the young and brave, to #ThinkBeyondAJob and create your business. With an unemployment rate of around 26% in South Africa, taking your vision of the future and striving to become the next legendary entrepreneur might be your best bet. But you may be thinking, that is a great idea but I have no money. Don’t let this be your stumbling block towards greatness, instead consider these points while you plan your route to financial freedom.

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