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Seven tips to improve your online presence

Article provided by WebAfrica Most businesses understand that they need an online presence, but after setting up their initial website, it is seen as a box ticked, and that is often where it ends. An online presence is, however, not a short-term goal, but rather a permanent work in progress. It needs to be nurtured until it flourishes, and once that happens, it still needs to be maintained. Think of it as a plant, it needs to be planted in the right soil, then it needs sunlight, frequent watering, and every so often to move into a new pot. So how do you get your business sprouting new leaves and bringing in new leads? Here are seven tried-and-tested tips for boosting your company’s online presence:

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Seven guidelines for increasing conversions on your new site

In today’s technologically driven marketplace launching a website is easy enough for virtually any size of business. The issue remains, however; how does one attract and convert more hits into meaningful actions, most importantly, sales. Forbes defines conversion rates as “the percentage of prospective customers who take a specific action you want. For example, the following are specific conversion rates that an organization may track:

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What business owners need to know about SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of galvanising effective visibility of your website on search results, returned via Google, Bing, Yahoo and similar search engines, when someone searches for related search terms. It has become a bit of a science, that may require the help of a professional for consistent and most effective results. A professional SEO copywriter will understand the intricacies of creating quality content that is both engaging and crafted for optimisation purposes. With the use of researched and well-placed keywords, appropriate headers and other best practices, you can ensure your website ranks high up on search results. The top three pages are deemed to be the goal, as most people seldom go beyond clicking the top three pages of results.

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