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Building female owned businesses is critical to economic and social development in South Africa

Women are underestimated powerhouses of an economy. This is not a fact that is relevant only to South Africa, but it is a global phenomenon. Mike Anderson, CEO and founder of the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), says that South Africa needs to not only build entrepreneurship, but to encourage and develop female business owners. Speaking just ahead of the Small Business Friday (SBF) kick-off on 2 September 2016, Anderson says that the drive is not just to develop women from an economic perspective, but also about the bigger picture of reshaping the modern-day global economy. 'Forbes says that what’s good for women is good for the economy and I think this is truer for South Africa than anywhere else right now. While we have many rural women who are already trying to be sustainable, we need to focus on developing our formal sector and boost female entrepreneurship and small business development,' says Anderson.

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