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Take your small business to the top: Hire right from the start

Small businesses generally cannot afford to hire someone who is not being productive or not in sync with the business’ vision. Getting someone with the required skills is not enough; you also need someone with the right organisational fit, whose goals in life align with your long-term business strategy. Ensuring that the right people are in the right positions will help your business grow, while also allowing employees to thrive.

Keep the following in mind when hiring a potential employee:

Develop a hiring strategy:

This will help you discover the precise type of person you want to hire. Your hiring strategy should complement your business strategy and so, you need to find people who will help you achieve your goals. You will need to ask yourself questions such as: will you need the new hire to work in a team and what type of person would gel with the current team? Or, do you need someone who is creative or more practical for the position?

What is your business culture?
It is crucial that you get someone who fits into the way you do business. If you are a modern and flexible business that encourages freedom of expression, someone who believes in bureaucracy will probably not fit in or thrive. With that in mind, you will need to structure your interview questions in ways that will help you establish if the candidate will fit into your organisational culture.

Get someone with a learning attitude:
Doing your job is one thing, but always looking to learn and improve is another. Someone who is keen to improve on their job flow and is innovative, is a great asset to any business. If they are learning how to work better, that means their productivity will also be enhanced and so, help grow your business.

These are a few of the pivotal factors that can make all the difference in achieving recruitment success, as well as success in maintaining or retaining a great staff complement in the long term. Hiring choices play a crucial role in the running of a business, and in many ways the success of any great enterprise is founded on the effectiveness and competencies of the operational workforce and management teams.

Your staff members keep the business moving, and so you certainly need to have the ideal fit for each position. Creating a suitable hiring strategy will equip you with a plan so that when looking at applications and interviewing, you end up hiring the right people.

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