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The benefits of online recruitment

Article provided by JOBJACK

Recruitment is a crucial part of expanding your business. Having the right recruitment strategy for your company is key to finding the right talent, without wasting time and resources on the process.

Online recruitment platforms can become your number one ally in resource management in the long term. Online platforms have gained popularity for finding solutions to previous recruitment hassles and maximising what you can get out of the process. To understand these solutions offered, you first need to have a look at where the traditional recruitment methods started.

Traditional Recruitment

Traditional methods relied on physical paper CVs being dropped off at hiring companies, which later evolved into emailed CV applications as a recruiting starting point.

With both these methods, there is a significant amount of manual input involved and in turn a loss in resources. These processes also did not guarantee you to find the most relevant candidate for your position, resulting in a further loss.

Online platforms

Recruitment automation

Technological advancements have allowed platforms to create automation for the majority of the recruitment process. These automation features can include the screening, sorting and scheduling of potential candidates.

Online platforms allow for larger-scale adaptability to technological advancements.

As new technology, trends or features become available within the recruitment sector, online platforms can adapt or incorporate these changes. This in itself allows for greater innovation possibilities. Adaptability is crucial for any business to compete and compare in today’s economy.

Online platform integration

Integration possibilities are one of the major benefits of online recruiting. A well-structured integration option will allow you to add programs that you are already using, such as your payroll software.

Depending on the data capturing features available, there are also possibilities of generated reporting. Reporting can be a great benefit for larger scale companies to compare resources spent and to adapt. For example, the cost of new employees versus keeping employees.

From a marketing perspective, your candidate reach can largely be expanded through social sharing. These sharing abilities can even be direct from your online platform and can easily direct candidates towards your recruitment efforts.

Custom feature building

Some platforms may even allow for custom feature building if you have specific needs to your process that are currently not offered. If custom feature building is something your company will most likely need, make sure you select a company that will be able to meet your requirements. Alternatively, make sure that there is not a company available that already has the features that you are looking for. 

Personalised recruitment

Online platforms have also put thought into a personal approach to what seems to be a more impersonal process. Features like video applications allow for a more personal first impression of a candidate, as opposed to a simple CV application. A further step from video applications will be online interviews. This can be a great first interview concept, or a final interview if your company is more remote working orientated. 

All these developments allow for your business to cut down on their time-to-hire, freeing more resources and overall better recruitment.

POPIA compliance

With the new POPIA compliance structure active, all candidates’ personal information needs to be protected, especially information that can be found on CVs. By using a POPIA compliant platform, candidates need to accept the specific terms of use for their information. This means all candidates viewed on the online profile forms part of the compliance. Your business’ POPIA compliance will only change once a candidate is hired and moved from the platform and into your business.

Online platforms allow your business the flexibility and adaptability a growing business needs for its recruitment’s search for the perfect fit. The latest technology is also adapted in such a way that your resources are spent on a process that actively works towards your results, where manual input and excessive timeous structures are removed.   

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