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The future employee: what do they look like?

Stuck in a cubicle, working 9-5 and climbing a pre-defined corporate ladder. Does this sound like employees nowadays? Probably not, the shift in what an employee wants from their workplace has changed since the past. To keep new talent, you will need to embrace the future employee. Here is what employees want out of their workplace.

1. Having a flexible work environment

Gone are the days of working 9 – 5 at an office with company-supplied office equipment. Many employees want to be able to set their own schedule within reason, work from any place and be able to use their personal equipment. With this flexibility, employees are happier and more work can be done. Although, the cybersecurity on your business platform needs to be impeccable and you need to ensure that your employees understand the ins and outs of it.

2. Concentrating on output

In the past, company processes and inputs were the focus of the business. Now, corporations must be more focused on the outputs and how the employee achieves the outputs assigned to them. There is also no corporate ladder to climb and many people don’t work for a company for an extended period of time but rather move around in companies and in industries.

3. Being a leader is available to anyone

With collaboration tools, everyone can share their expertise and experience and help come up with new ideas to solve a problem. This means that anyone can lead from their area of expertise. There is also more chance for people to support one another in their various positions. This has led to more opportunities for employees to prove that they have the skills and ingenuity to take up leadership positions when they become available.

4. Sharing of knowledge

Knowledge was power in the past. As it was hard to find out information without reading a book or speaking to an expert. Nowadays, many people have information at the click of a button and can find out about whatever problem they may have from a device that fits in their hand. This, as well as the use of collaboration tools, has made sharing knowledge within the company easier for employees. Furthermore, creativity and risk-taking have become more valued in the workplace.

5. Learning continuously

It is critical to do professional development on an ongoing basis as the rules in industries shift with the fast development of new technologies and tools. By being highly adaptive to the changing rules in your business, you will be viewed as a more valuable employee. Being able to learn from different sources has also made employees more creative in finding solutions for routine tasks that they may be required to do.

These five aspects of the future employee indicate that businesses may need to go through a shift in their mindset, and way of conducting business, should they wish to attract the best talent to their organisation.

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