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The importance of EveryONE EmployONE

Article provided by Cheryl Muller (ActionCOACH – Centurion, Gauteng)

Have you heard about the EveryONE EmployONE movement? It was launched by ActionCOACH Southern Africa last year in response to the extremely high and increasing unemployment rate in South Africa.

What exactly is the EveryONE EmployONE Movement?

Early last year when the horrific unemployment rate of 32,5% was announced, ActionCOACH Southern Africa launched a movement to encourage ALL businesses to employ just one extra employee in their business. If we look at the number of businesses in South Africa, would halve the unemployment rate if each business owner just hired one more person.

But I can’t afford to employ more people!

This is a frequent response from business owners when we first started communicating about this movement. However, the expectation is not that you appoint extra people based on your desire to contribute from a social responsibility perspective, thereby increasing your expenses and reducing your profit. We encourage business owners to implement strategies to grow their business so that they have the need to create additional jobs in their business to be able to cope with the additional work because of the growth.

This would also have an additional spinoff of contributing to the growth of the economy which is so desperately needed in South Africa especially after the last two years.

What is a job?

A rhetorical question but it is important to understand before supporting this impactful movement. A job is when a person sells his or her labour to someone else for money – i.e., an employer buys labour, time, expertise, skills, or work capacity to produce goods or services that it sells to a customer.

Relevant yet shocking statistics in South Africa

How does providing a job have an impact on people’s lives?

When we think about providing a job to someone, we generally think that they will benefit by being able to support themselves and their families. In South Africa research shows that on average 10 people in a household are supported by a wage earner. However, it goes way beyond this. Here is a list of additional impacts it has on people’s lives:

  • Simply stated, it puts money in their pockets
  • Reduces their dependency on the state
  • Increases choices open to them and their families (including furthering education)
  • Increases sense of self-worth
  • Reduces suffering, instability and chaos which could eventually lead to revolution
  • Helps avoid economic and social breakdown
  • Contributes to the fiscus through various taxes thereby benefiting everyone in the country.

Now is the time to Get into ACTION!

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