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The most affordable SME mobile voice and data packages in South Africa

Article provided by MTN

Data is the currency which your growing South African business needs to flourish.

This is because the Internet makes it possible for small businesses to become thriving leaders in their fields.

It is critical that you sign up to an SME business connectivity package that provides you with everything your company needs – and for an SME, this often comes in the form of an LTE package.

Fibre and 5G connections are faster and more advanced, but many SMEs may not have these connectivity options available in their area.

This makes LTE the best choice.

Finding the right deal

When signing up to an SME business connectivity package, you need to consider several things.

One key element is the quality of the network you will use. It is pointless having all the data and minutes you need, but not having a stable network to use them on.

This is what sets MTN Business apart from the competition, as the MTN network has regularly won awards for being South Africa’s top mobile network.

This is also proven by its customer satisfaction score. On the South African Internet Service Provider rankings, MTN is positioned significantly higher than any other mobile network.

Qualifying MTN Business clients get even better service through direct access to Service Managers, who take care of any queries the client may have all the way through to resolution.

This means there is no reason to wait on hold with an MTN call centre, allowing you to get back to growing your business sooner.

It offers strong coverage in almost every area in South Africa, too, making it perfect for all SMEs.

The next consideration is ensuring you receive all the data and minutes you need.

MTN Business offers business options that include lots of data for those who need it, while those who require both data and minutes can also leverage great deals from MTN.

Selected MTN Business data deals also include bonus Work Express data, which is usable between 08:00 and 17:00 – unlike Night Surfer data which can only be used between 00:00 and 07:00.

Work Express Data offers great value to SMEs as it gives them extra data to use during business hours – when they are at their most productive.

Beware of packages that don’t offer everything you need, as they will force you to sign up to additional products that will ultimately cost you more in the long run.

Finally, the connectivity package you select should be priced so that your business can save money.

To illustrate how MTN Business’s packages are great value for money, they are compared to competitor packages below.

If you want to take your SME to the next level, sign up for an MTN Business package today.

Download the MTN Business Y’ello Trader for more exclusive monthly business deals.

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