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The numbers game

Article provided by Matrix Marketing

I was fortunate to be exposed to a Tom Hopkins’ sales training video early on in my sales career. The principle he was espousing has stayed with me all through my sales journey.

What was fascinating is that it dealt with two pressing obstacles that sales professionals confront in their daily grind. Namely, making sufficient appointments and dealing with rejection.

I’m confident that you will find the video equally meaningful and fortunately, it is available on YouTube.

What he demonstrated was the simple skill of asking someone for something.

As he was addressing a seminar of people wanting to improve their selling skills, Tom approached the first person sitting in the front row and asked them “Won’t you give me $10?” They answered rather  bemused and slightly confused, “No!” The second person was asked the same question and the response was similar. Eventually, as Tom was approaching the end of the first row, one delegate decided to take the risk, reached in their pocket and handed over a $10 bill. Tom was stoked, pocketed the bill and moved on to the next and the next eliciting many noes and eventually…. another $10!

The object lesson was simple. Each “no” you receive brings you one step closer to the yes. Embrace rejection and celebrate the progressive arrival of your “yes”.

The other point made was that we all have a “conversion rate”. Namely, how many “noes” make a “yes”?

Improving and honing your sales skills will undoubtedly improve your conversion rate just as increased fitness hastens the benefits your workouts generate.

Embrace the game of selling more by putting in the raw effort required to drive results.

Make your effort count!

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