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The power of word of mouth

Article provided by Sales Guru

My coffee machine packed up on me last year. During full lockdown. Nothing was open so I couldn’t get it serviced. In the bigger scheme of things, it was minor. But when everything else around us was going mad, the lack of my morning caffeine fix was a big deal. I reached out on social media and someone referred me to a guy who serviced coffee machines. Via a video call he helped me turn knobs and dials and got my coffee on the boil again. I was so blown away by his service (he even tried to turn down payment but I paid him regardless) so I shared my story and his details on social media. The number of people that responded paying him credit was amazing. As long as he remains in business, I will go back to this guy and this chain of referral will continue. For a small business, this is the best way for to get and keep new clients.

We sometimes tend to forget the simple things when it comes to selling and good service. Now, more than ever, is the time to get back to basics. In this instance my coffee guy didn’t have to ask for a referral. But if you know your client is happy, ask them to recommend you to other potential clients. It won’t cost them a thing and could make a big difference to your pipeline.

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