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The role of technology in helping local delivery entrepreneurs reach success

Article provided by Netstar

Technology has become an important indicator for small business success, writes Gill Jones General Manager for Business Sales at Netstar, a subsidiary of Altron.

Local delivery entrepreneurs have an immense impact on logistic efficiency. And while the recent pandemic put strain on the global and national economy, due to the restriction on travel and the day-to-day activities that are still in various ways in effect, the importance of adequate fleet management solutions was proven beyond a doubt.

While most entrepreneurs are familiar with the challenges associated with starting and maintaining a small business, they may not realise that there are various technology-driven solutions that can make a positive impact on most areas of their businesses.

Fleet tracking and management

One of the most important factors of successfully running a logistics company, no matter how large or small depends on managers’ ability to make informed decisions at any given time.

Fleet management solutions, when implemented and used correctly, can be optimised for almost every business type, and provides users with the ability to improve core efficiencies.  Following a technology-driven approach allows managers to assign jobs, monitor vehicles, alert roadside assistance in the event of vehicle impact, and quickly adapt fleet behaviour to new needs, all from a single connected platform.

Telematics and the Internet of Things

The rapid rise in the capabilities of telematics and the Internet of Things has resulted in data-gathering on a scale that few thought possible even a few years ago. However, working with raw data can be time-consuming, which is why there is great opportunity for logistics businesses to implement artificial intelligence solutions that can read and interpret vast amounts of data to provide insights on various factors – ranging from driver behaviour and safety to fuel consumption.

These insights, when acted upon can provide any business owner with the ability to streamline their business processes optimally, paving the way to business growth.

Big solutions for Small Business

Business owners can rest assured that technology can be applied to nearly any business venture that relies on a fleet of vehicles. For example, consumer behaviour has seen a large shift towards online shopping, which is where solutions such as asset tracking services can provide small delivery businesses with the ability to know at any given time where a particular asset is — helping to provide peace of mind in a time of elevated delivery vehicle hijacking and looting.

While a large focus for fleet managers or logistics businesses rests in securing vehicle safety, focus must also be given to quality assurance and compliance. For example, medicinal, food-based, or agricultural businesses need to ensure that goods are transported in optimal, consistent, thermal conditions from time of pickup to delivery. Any challenges that affect these need to be addressed proactively. Solutions with the ability to monitor the temperature of cargo, open doors, tank pressures etc. all in real time become paramount in mitigating any risk.

Post-pandemic operations

Running a small to medium delivery business can be as fulfilling as it is challenging. However, it is important for business owners to realise that in today’s world, our reliance on logistics has been proven beyond any doubt.

Long after the pandemic has ended, the logistics industry will remain the lifeblood of our economy. Therefore, implementing data-driven, smart, and informative technology solutions should be non-negotiable.

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