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The rules have changed

Article provided by Matrix Marketing

A well-known lecturer at a prestigious Johannesburg-based Business School gave an introduction to a presentation on being adaptable in business.

A paraphrase of what was heard:
“When the rules of the game change, the scores are set to zero.” (author unknown)

This was an interesting thought which brought about the following analogy:

Imagine being gathered to watch an important rugby test between age-old schools. The sides are fairly evenly matched and at half-time, the scores are set at 15-13. As the referee returns with the players to the pitch, he announces that during the second half, they will rather play soccer instead.

Everything accomplished beforehand is irrelevant. 15 players must be reduced to 11. The upright goal-posts must be quickly changed to accommodate the netted variety and as the whistle blows to start, no hand-balls are allowed.

The scoreboard, now meaningless, must reflect that the environment has changed and justifiably the scores are set to zero.

There are somethings which parallel the first half. The athleticism of the players, their ability to work as a team and their reliance on talent, practice and effort. But, the finesse of the skill-set required to win is dramatically different.

As South Africa turns into the winds of change that will blow in 2021 we must be mindful that the rules have once again changed. The dramatic pace of social and political change in our world and definitely in our country demands of us a nimbleness to adjust and adapt at speed to the disruptive forces around us.

This is not lost in the world of work.

We cannot afford the luxury of looking to past successes and achievements as any guarantee to ensure our survival in the “new game”.

Rather, we must ensure that we are adequately prepared, tutored and enabled to embrace the challenges of the “new game”.

The basics of fitness, discipline and basic skills remain, but the way in which we work together to mount an attack on the opposing team must mean time spent reflecting and practising new skills and strategies to outwit, outlast and outplay.

Put on your game face.

Make your effort count.

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