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The Small Business Legal Centre launches

Get expert assistance in forming a company, trade-marks and patents, labour and employment, litigation, franchising, business rescue and more! The Small Business legal Centre, powered by the NSBC and Adams & Adams, provides valuable legal information, education and help for SMEs in South Africa. It offers comprehensive guides on starting a business, incorporation, protecting your intellectual property, and much more.

This NEW exciting benefit is for our Members only and  is designed to assist those who are just starting out or expanding their seasoned businesses.

The growth of the Small Business Legal Centre at the Build a Business Academy will be based on market feedback and ongoing survey findings, ensuring that all the legal needs of small businesses are covered.

This all-important initiative has been inspired by the ongoing need within the small business legal arena – Access to vital legal information and the right legal professional. ‘Soar with the eagles that fly high’ is one of the key fundamentals of achieving greatness. Partnering with the best will give small businesses that extra edge to stay in business and succeed in business.

“At Adams & Adams we are of the firm belief that small business will provide a vital component in economic growth in South Africa. As a legal firm who’s passionate about the nature of small business, we understand the need for continued legal support throughout the lifecycle of a business”, explains Johan du Preez, Partner at Adams & Adams. “We know and appreciate the importance of having the requisite protections and documents in place to help you become profitable and successful,”

“Our involvement with the NSBC spans some years and has been a collaboration every step of the way with our professionals offering fresh legal advice to participants at each of NSBC’s various platforms” says, du Preez

“The new Small Business Legal Centre powered by NSBC and Adams & Adams is another endeavor aimed at empowering small business owners from a legal perspective”, says du Preez. “It is here that you will find all the articles written by our team of professionals which will give you the insight into all the legal aspects you’ll need to keep your business ahead of the rest”

Mike Anderson: NSBC Founder & CEO

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