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Think GetSAWorking and stand a chance of R1 million with ProfitShare Partners

In the current economic climate, can you afford to fail? With R1 million cash in the works, the stakes are high.

When it comes to exponential growth in your business think and stand a chance to win a R1 million cash prize which will be awarded to the entrepreneur who creates the most number of sustainable jobs during the campaign, which runs until 31 May 2021.

The Get South Africa Working campaign (#GetSAWorking) is an initiative from ProfitShare Partners’ founder and CEO, Andrew Maren, to help small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) create sustainable jobs.

“The jobs that we refer to here must be permanent jobs created by the entrepreneur or small business. All information supplied will be audited and verified using our technology and reporting processes, as this initiative is ultimately about boosting South Africa’s economy by accelerating SME business growth and development,” says Maren

Many SMEs do not have the financial records, security or capital to get finance from the banks. The ProfitShare Partners model provides this capital to SMEs who have an order they could fulfil if they had the bridging finance.

”Once they get going, achieve the track record, cash in the bank and ultimately, financial history that enables them to graduate to getting capital from traditional funders,” Maren says.

Simple to access and apply online, ProfitShare Partners has a zero failure performance rating, as transactions won’t go ahead without profitability for the business and delivery certainty for the supplier.

Check today and #GetSAWorking – your business could get a R1-million boost! To enter or for more information, go to: for more information.

ProfitShare Partners is a proud Partner of the NSBC.

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