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Thuthukani Technology Solutions – built on adaptability, agility, ethics and passion

Charl van Niekerk, CEO of Thuthukani Technology Solutions (Pty) Ltd, shares how they are a cybersecurity solutions provider. He says that they help business owners improve cybersecurity by over 80% while improving operational efficiency and reducing operational costs by more than 60%. They pride themselves in providing BIG business cybersecurity solutions to SMEs at small business prices. He says that they are the only cybersecurity solutions provider that includes an international cybersecurity warranty with their solutions.

“We stand behind our promise to protect you!” – Charl van Niekerk

Thuthukani Technology Solutions was originally a hardware company. Charl was mindful that over time hardware would become a commodity and that the industry would possibly outgrow a niche player. After careful consideration with the board and much research, he felt that there were only two possible routes at the time to protect the future of the business and the livelihoods of their people – those being data and cybersecurity.

Data at the time was becoming increasingly complex and Charl concluded that cybersecurity was the way to go. Given the skill set of their team and the increase in cybercrime, it seemed a natural fit to him. Their level of skill and background, given their roots, enabled them to bring something different to the marketplace by sanitising the IT operation/environment of businesses, they were able to identify a breach much quicker. They took a“bottom-up” approach, from infrastructure through to the security strategy layer – and security is needed across all spectrums.

What Charl loves most about running Thuthukani Technology Solutions is the people. He says that above all, they are the reason why he goes to work and what he enjoys about the day-to-day operation of their business. He says that they have an immensely diverse team, and that he is always amazed by the thinking processes and unique skills each member of their team brings to the table.

He believes his team to be extremely intelligent and has often found that the answer or solution to a very complex problem comes from the individual he least expected it from. He also loves how his team not only finds a solution but grows individually and automates their latest discovery, to make the business lives of their clients simpler, easier and almost on “autopilot”. In Charl’s opinion, their team is what the definition of “agility” and “passion” looks like which is much needed in a very fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

One of the biggest lessons Charl has learnt on his business journey is to always put ethics at the heart of everything he does. He believes that ethics, integrity and honesty literally trump everything else. He says that dealing with people, especially in business and their industry is all about employing good and solid ethics at the core of everything that they do. To him, it’s important to always do the right thing.

When Charl was asked why he does what he does he say that his ‘Why?’ is: The belief that there is good in every person. He feels that no matter what, doing the right thing and staying true to your cause will always ensure that you come out “ok” on the other side.  

With regards to persevering during difficult times Charl shared that he has faced many tough times on his business journey over the years, and the easier decision would have been to simply give up, but he kept his head down. He remained laser-focused on the goal that they had to achieve and put in the hard work, chipping away at the strategy that would keep them going and get them to a position of thriving. He says that he never accepted failure and never gave in to negative self-talk but rather embraced “learning”.

Charl encourages you to, “Just keep on going on. Hard work and staying true to your beliefs and convictions does pay off. Remember to have a goal, because if you don’t have a goal or target, you’ll achieve exactly that.”   

Charl goes on to say that small business is where new ideas, growth and innovation are born; where much-needed jobs are created, and at the grassroots level, this is where our new stars are made. He believes small business to be the way to grow the economy of South Africa, securing our future and ultimately eradicating poverty and unemployment.

Thuthukani Technology Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a proud Premier Member of the NSBC.

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