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Track your small business fleet with Netstar

A tailor-made small-business solution allows SMBs to track their vehicles easily and affordably, helping them boost efficiency, cut overheads, and protect their people.

Fleets are critical to the success of many small businesses, and efficient tracking and management can be the difference between success and failure. At Netstar, a subsidiary of Altron, we have therefore applied our experience with large fleets to launch Netstar Fleet Tracker, which allows small-business owners to track their fleets easily and affordably.

As an NSBC Platinum Partner, Netstar is proud to offer a tailor-made tracking and management software solution, ideally suited to the needs of small and medium businesses (SMBs). Netstar Fleet Tracker allows small businesses to boost safety and efficiency and to save on fuel, and comes complete with a quick-and-easy, online sign-up process.

As a small-business owner, you can now use the new Netstar software solution to improve efficiencies despite a perfect storm of business difficulties – soaring fuel prices, rising input costs, crime, staff issues and overburdened infrastructure.

“With fuel prices going through the roof, it’s crucial for small businesses to allocate money wisely and minimise unnecessary spending,” says Nicky Sheridan, Netstar Acting Managing Director. “Using Netstar Fleet Tracker, businesses can monitor driver behaviour, ensuring they are using the most efficient and cost-effective routes available. This can lead to significant fuel savings and even improve driver safety.”

Sheridan says choosing the safest, most efficient routes can help small businesses cut fuel and maintenance costs, protect staff and equipment, and ensure quick delivery and effective customer service.

Netstar’s new SMB tracking solution is aimed at businesses running fleets of 15 vehicles or fewer and is affordably priced.

Netstar Fleet Tracker is an accessible fleet solution that will appeal to businesses such as plumbers, electricians, or florists. It is also ideal for office fleets supporting businesses like legal services. It allows SMBs to manage their fleet budgets and to easily quote delivery times for customers.

Netstar Fleet Tracker allows you to sign up online and to self-schedule fitment of your fleet. The MyNetstar app then provides full visibility and management of all your fleet vehicles.

Netstar Fleet Tracker can help your small business manage and mitigate risk, boost productivity, improve efficiency and enhance the safety of your fleet and your workforce.

Netstar’s offerings are customised to the requirements of every market segment, and the Netstar Fleet Tracker SMB offering applies learnings from Netstar’s extensive experience providing stolen-vehicle recovery, fleet tracking and fleet intelligence for businesses of all sizes.

Small businesses have many of the same concerns as larger enterprises, as they work to achieve their business objectives with limited resources and enormous external challenges. All businesses are looking to ensure employee safety, asset security, optimal efficiency and the best possible return on investment.

Netstar Fleet Tracker is geared to helping SMBs achieve this, in a single, cost-effective package.

For smaller fleets with basic needs, Netstar Fleet Tracker provides real-time dots-on-a-map visibility of your fleet, driver safety and security for your vehicles, at a 36-month rental price of R173 per month, (excl VAT), with no upfront payment.

The package offers the following key benefits:

· Vehicle visibility
· Safer drivers and vehicles
· Better customer delivery
· Stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) services
· Auto-arm proximity tag for security
· Driver panic button
· Signal jamming detection alert (JammingResist™)
· Driver behaviour monitoring and rating
· Impact Detection and alerts
· Zone management and alerts
· MyNetstar live tracking and account management
· Car park jamming alert
· Vehicle logbook
· 36-month repair warranty

Running a small business in today’s economic environment may be challenging, but Netstar Fleet Tracker is designed to help reduce your admin load, keep track of your fleets, your cargo and your staff, and to support you in your management responsibilities.

Use Netstar and our telematics technology to help keep track of your fleet and take your business to the next level. Visit to find out more.

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