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Turn your business idea into reality this festive season

Article first published on Bizcommunity

If you have ever dreamt of starting a business, don’t put off your dream for next year. If you start smart enough, you can be just in time to benefit from this Christmas season. All you need is dedication and a good idea. If you feel dedicated enough, check these four business ideas you can try.

Idea #1: Think about the preparation

The Christmas season is magical because people tend to prepare for it in advance. You can feel the jolly spirit throughout December. But Deloitte’s data shows that 62% of Americans buy their gifts in the week before Christmas. So if you are thinking about something that could be bought for presents, you have just enough time to prepare and launch your idea.

The same research shows that 60% of people in the US prefer to buy their holiday gifts online. It saves you time since you don’t need to find a brick and mortar store.

“All you need to do is to create your website and put it online,” says Arnas Stuopelis, chairman of the Board of hosting provider, Hostinger.

“You can create your website within an hour, and hosting costs you less than a cup of coffee per month. Your website is the easiest step in starting a business.”

Idea #2: Think about the event

Preparation is essential for Christmas, but the season spirit is the Christmas dinner. Last year Yahoo! Finance stated that Americans planned to spend more than $150 on Christmas dinner at home in 2018. People are willing to spend on Christmas meals, but they often don’t have enough time to prepare them. Your business can step in and offer arranged shopping lists, delivery of the ingredients, or even prepared meals.

Idea #3: Think about New Year’s Eve

Christmas is a celebration of family and faith, but not the whole of December is the same. One of the greatest parties of the year is New Year’s Eve. Wallethub conducted research and find out that 8 in 10 Americans spend less than $200 on New Year’s Eve. While some people just go to bed and spend nothing at all, others spend thousands for memorable evenings. Your business can offer party planning, costume rental, or catering services for New Year’s Eve and beyond.

Idea #4: Think about what’s next

The New Year brings “the new me” vibes. People are working on their New Year’s resolutions. Business Insider states that the most popular ones are to eat healthier, exercise more and read more books. You can create your business with an aim to help people keep on track with their resolutions. You can offer healthy eating plans, workout routines, or book subscriptions.

Christmas time is an excellent time for turning your dreams into reality. But even if you start your business in summertime, it doesn’t have to be related to Christmas. Feel free to fantasize, think outside the box and begin to do exactly what you always wanted to do.

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