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Turning poor leadership habits into strengths

Turning poor leadership habits into strengths, how do you do this?

In the previous article, we explored the negative impact of poor leadership habits on employee productivity. Go to part 1 of the article here.

Now, in part 2, we will focus on how to turn those habits into strengths and improve the overall work culture.

If you or your managers have been guilty of these bad habits; all is not lost.

Fortunately, people are adaptable, and even if there has previously been poor leadership behaviour, it’s easy to change the situation.

Turn poor communication into strengths

If your communication needs work, consider opening direct lines of communication for your employees. This can be as simple as a forum specifically designed for employee-management interaction. What is important is that your team sees you making an effort.

Turn micromanagement into strengths

If you are micromanaging your employees, step back and start trusting them. Understand that you’re hurting more than helping and allow your employees to prove to you that they can accomplish their designated tasks without constant supervision and intervention.

Turn lack of responsibility into strengths

If you struggle to take responsibility for your team, consider taking full responsibility for all problems for a certain period. Your team must understand that you’re willing to accept blame and that you will not throw them under the bus.

Turn a hostile working environment into strengths

If you’re fostering a hostile working environment, you should first determine why you thrive in such an environment. Then, after some consultation, consider actionable changes you can make to help combat this hostility. This can be as simple as giving encouraging compliments, regular accolades for your team, and generally, being as approachable as possible.

Regardless of which poor leadership quality your company is struggling with, the solution is always doing everything in your power to ensure that you and your team are fighting together, rather than against each other.

As you work towards transforming your leadership approach, delve deeper into key leadership skills like humility by exploring our article ‘Uncovering Humility – A Key Leadership Skill for Success.‘ Discover how embracing humility can contribute to successful leadership and positive team dynamics.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re part of – bosses who focus on an “us vs. them” separation between managers and employees are destined to fail, because people are not built to thrive in that kind of environment. If productivity matters to you, cultivate a happy, valued workforce.

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