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Understanding the importance of data storage

Article provided by Daisy Business Solutions

Did you know that in 2020, the world’s total data created grew up to 59 million zettabytes? Imagine how much that is if one zettabyte is equal to a billion terabytes. In the age of digital information, businesses use data storage solutions to thrive. It lessens website traffic, ensuring both employees and customers experience enhanced transactions.

Are you looking for a data solution for your company? Continue reading this article to learn more about what it is and what the benefits are.

What is data storage?

Data storage refers to saving files and documents in a storage system for future access. It helps with data backup and recovery.

Additionally, it provides data protection best suited for long-term data storing solutions. Data is stored on disk drives and virtual drives and has two major types:

Direct-attached storage (DAS)

DAS is a storage device that connects to the computer. Some popular devices of DAS are hard drives, solid-state drives (SSD), flash drives, CDs or DVDs, and magnetic tape.

Because DAS connects to a singular machine, there is a limit to data sharing. However, it can still provide decent data storage for backup. It is also more affordable than NAS.

Network-Based Storage (NAS)

Unlike direct-attached storage, NAS allows storing from various devices. NAS has two sub-categories: the network-attached storage and the storage-area network.

 What are the different storage systems and devices?

Three systems exist today and are selected to suit individual requirements and the data storage size. They are:

  • File Storage Systems
  • Block Storage Systems
  • Object-Based Systems

Knowing the types of devices helps determine what is suitable for you. The standard devices used today are flash memory and cloud storage.

These storage devices are non-volatile; thus, it is best to choose them as they do not require a continuous power source.

Why is data storage important?

Computers have limited data capacity and memory on their disk drives. Here are some reasons why it is essential:


If a computer encounters a problem, data loss becomes a threat. This is the reason why proper data storage is necessary. It protects your information, and it’s vital for disaster recovery.


Data storage ensures you have efficient and organized business operations. Cloud storage systems also save costs because they are cheaper than others.

It can generate data analytics that is useful for data management. These include customer and sales numbers.

Also, it removes the need for physical storage, which means you don’t have to worry about maintaining paper files. Data centres keep your servers safe and secured.


Data storage allows access to data anytime. A connection to the internet will enable you to see your files and manage them via different devices.

It can also enable you to share information with business partners, customers, and employees.

The right data storage solution for you

Learning about the different storage options can help you discover what type of solution is right for you. It has many advantages that benefit not only you but your whole company.

Are you looking for a data storage solution for your business? Contact us and discover the best storage for you today.

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