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Video marketing: 5 steps to your first video

How many internet users are using YouTube? 84% according to a recent report by WeAreSocial and Hootsuite. This means that if video marketing is not part of your marketing strategy and it is part of your competitions then you may be losing your consumers to them. So, let’s dig deeper into video marketing.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is using video to encourage your customers to buy from you. You can use video to teach your employees more about the services and products you offer and you can use it to encourage investments into your business. It is visual storytelling for your brand.

What platforms offer video marketing?

Video can be done on a variety of platforms. The most common ones are Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook LiveFacebook stories and Instagram stories. It is also important to remember that each platform is better suited to different types of videos.

What types of video can I make?

There are a wide variety of videos which you could consider to make for your website. Here are six of the main types of videos.

  1. Product demonstrations: These videos show how your product can be used and should highlight the unique selling point of your product.
  2. Interviews: You can have interviews with your employees or you can get thought leaders to answer questions about events in your industry.
  3. How-to videos: These are especially good if your product is used to create another product. For example, if you sell a saw, you may make a woodworking video which features your saw in it.
  4. Event videos: Sometimes people aren’t able to attend an event and they would like to watch highlights of the event or watch the event through live-streaming.
  5. Testimonials: You could have a testimonial from your customer.
  6. Personalised videos: These are videos which you may use to recap an event or meeting. You could also answer a customer’s question with a video and send it to them.

You can learn more about the different types of video here.

How can I make my first video?

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff of making your video. Here are the basic steps to making your first video.

1. Choose the topic for your video. You first need to find out what will be the topic of your video. You can use a question from your FAQ to make your first video.

2. Write a script: You need to think clearly about what you want to say in your video. You may also want to look at what shots you will need to take during the video. This will be especially important if you are making a video about your product.

3. Shoot the video: You can use the video function on your smartphone or you can use a digital camera if the option is available. You could also hire a video camera if you have the budget. You may need to shoot the video a few times especially if it is your first time making a video but don’t give up. You could also use animation software to make your video.

4. Edit the video: The next step is to edit the video and ensure that everything looks good. You can use Openshot to edit your video.

5. Upload your video: This is the final stage, you need to upload your video on the platforms where your customers are present.

Good luck and may your business grow through video marketing

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