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Vula Unlock Consulting – encouraging entrepreneurs to think differently

George Mutendadzamera is the founder and CEO of Vula Unlock Consulting. They help people move from where they are to where they want to be.

Vula Unlock Consulting was started to get entrepreneurs to adopt the right mindset so that they ultimately achieve the success they crave. Amongst the many entrepreneurs, there are very few who understand the power of their mind to achieve their goals. Most of them work extremely hard on the mechanics but pay no attention to their mindset. Our outer world is merely a reflection of our inner self. To change the outer world we must inwardly desire change and then change that inner self. The outer world will change in sympathy with the inner world. At a global level, all successful business leaders work with a coach or coaches.

This is what George had to say about why he loves running his business: “It’s challenging because it’s ‘almost novel’. Whilst there may be many coaches there aren’t many who offer what we offer. We offer a mindset process we call “Thinking Into Results” which gets the entrepreneur to understand his mind. It gets the entrepreneur to understand why they do the things they do and how to break out from there. I love engaging with people from all different backgrounds. I love helping entrepreneurs create their goals and tracking them to fruition.”

One of the lessons George has learnt in business is that people miss out on great personal development because of their immediate needs and failure to prioritize. There is a lack of awareness of the true value of personal development. For everything we want to accomplish we can easily come up with many reasons why we can’t do it e.g. money, time, the unlikelihood of its success. Anyone prepared to learn something new will certainly win big.

One of the driving forces behind Vula Unlock Consulting is George’s desire to enlighten all entrepreneurs of their true potential. The mind is the greatest creation in the universe. Everything depends on the entrepreneur’s concept of themselves. He has a great desire to see entrepreneurs succeed through obtaining a clear understanding of who they are.

When asked why South Africans should support small business, this is what George Mutendadzamera had to say: “Small and medium businesses are the future of any successful economy.  Big global businesses have their place in an economy but the real buzz, the creation of new jobs, creativity comes from the small and medium businesses.  South Africa needs to grow this sector very fast through various incentives. COVID-19’s negative impact on the economy is already massive. Recovery will be spearheaded by small and medium businesses.”

Vula Unlock Consulting is a proud Member of the NSBC

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