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Ways in which collaboration with CIPC spread education and awareness to customers and the public

Ways in which collaboration with CIPC spread education and awareness to customers and the public

Collaboration and partnership with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) can effectively spread education and awareness to the broader public and customers. Since the inception of the Companies Act 71 of 2008, CIPC has partnered with various institutions in both public and the private sector. Below are some of the collaborations with the CIPC the has proven to be of value not to only ourselves as an organisation, but value for the partner and ultimately value to our end users.

  • Collaboration with consumer organisations such as advocacy groups or Consumer Rights Associations that can help raise awareness about the importance of CIPC and its impact on consumer protection, more especially in the space of intellectual property (IP) and trademarks. These collaboration partnerships already have an established footprint as well as communication channels, such as newsletters, websites and social media platforms which we leveraged to disseminate information about the CIPC’s services.
  • Partnership with industry associations that can help reach a wide range of businesses and professionals who can benefit from CIPC’s expertise. By working together, the CIPC and industry associations have developed educational materials, webinars or workshops that educate businesses on their rights and responsibilities, as well as the advantages of adhering to CIPC guidelines and regulations.
  • Collaboration with media outlets including newspapers, magazines, radio including television stations have also amplified the CIPC’s messages and reached a larger audience. By involving and providing expert commentary on consumer protection issues, conducting interviews, and even contributing articles that educate the public about their rights and the role of the CIPC in ensuring fair and safe business practices.
  • The utilization of digital platforms such as popular websites, blogs, podcasts or social media influencers that helps spread the accurate information regarding the CIPC to a more diverse audience. These collaboration platforms create active engagements and informative content that educates the public about the CIPC offerings and the benefits of formalizing their businesses regardless of the size of the business.
  • Engagement with educational institutions such as universities, colleges and schools integrate both research in analysing data derived from some of these educational institutions in understanding our customer needs and entrenching a culture of entrepreneurship through programmes designed to educate scholars in choosing a career path prior to reaching tertiary level.
  • Working closely with government agencies to ensure a well-coordinated and consistent approach in dealing with illicit business practices and handing over of flagged business and directors that may be involved in unethical business transactions.
  • Fostering collaboration with civil societies such as NGOs/NPOs, community groups that can help reach marginalized or vulnerable populations that may be susceptible to IP and trademarks rights, violation or abusing or taking advantage of the public’s lack of knowledge of their rights.
  • Working together with South African banks in affording seamless customer registration to opening business bank accounts that may offer opportunities to greatly participate formally while also benefiting from the financial assistance in affording customer the financial resources needed to set up and run the business.

By actively seeking collaboration and partnerships with these stakeholders and others, the CIPC can effectively spread education and awareness to its customers and the public at large through joint efforts. The CIPC continues to use available resources to reach wider audience, empowering its customers and fostering a culture of customer protection through its legislative mandate.

CIPC is a proud National Partner of the NSBC.

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