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We overcome daily challenges to enable your success

Conducting business in South Africa has always demanded resilience and boldness from brands and enterprises. In recent years, this resilience has been tested even further by a diverse array of challenges, from the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated restrictions to persistent power outages, extreme weather events, and various road closures for various reasons. Yet, amid these adversities, South Africans have demonstrated remarkable adaptability and determination to overcome these obstacles.

We’ve witnessed this indomitable spirit mirrored in our diverse clientele, and it resonates deeply with DPD ZA’s commitment to facilitating economic activities across South Africa, no matter how remote the location. Whether it’s ensuring that consumers in remote areas can access and receive their online purchases within days or enabling artisans in secluded regions to sell their crafts online, delivery services like ours are pivotal to shaping the future economy.

Our dedication to completing deliveries on time and in full, even in the face of daunting challenges, underscores our commitment. While we consistently achieve a 98% on-time delivery rate, with an impressive 93% first-time delivery success, we recognize that obstacles can arise. However, our ‘South African make-a-plan’ spirit empowers us with strategies to overcome them.

Embracing technology for timely deliveries in an unpredictable real-world environment, technology becomes our ally. Pre-delivery notifications serve as reminders for customers to be available on the designated delivery day. If needed, customers can easily reschedule their deliveries by clicking on an SMS link.

For account holders, we offer the option of one-time personal identification number (OTP)- enabled deliveries, adding an extra layer of security, especially for high-value items. This ensures that the intended recipient receives the package.

Our hijacking prevention system relies on technology, with vehicle trackers providing real-time digital visibility of our trucks and delivery vehicles. In rare instances of vehicle incidents, our support teams swiftly locate and recover the deliveries, ensuring that customer expectations are met.

Navigating load shedding challenges

While load shedding doesn’t affect our delivery experts’ vehicles, it does impact their efficiency on the road. Traffic light failures and disrupted mobile phone coverage due to load shedding can create delays. GPS solutions help track congestion and suggest alternative routes, but local knowledge often trumps technology in navigating load shedding-related issues.

That’s why we collaborate with local driver microentrepreneurs across the country. By supporting these small business owners, we tap into their invaluable local knowledge, enhancing efficiency and on-time delivery.

Building relationships and local knowledge

Our partnership with local driver microentrepreneurs offers another significant advantage – they establish relationships within their communities, gaining insight into each recipient’s specific needs. This is particularly crucial for the more than 35,000 end-customers receiving life-saving medication through our network each month. Our drivers understand their requirements and purposefully ensure deliveries align with their expectations.

These personal connections are cherished by regular customers who often prepare coffee or snacks for their favourite delivery drivers when they know they’re on the way. Local knowledge proved invaluable during the recent Eastern Cape floods when road signs vanished – our delivery experts navigated the terrain with ease due to their deep familiarity with the area.

Saluting our heroes: the drivers

Delivery drivers face daily challenges, from early starts to tackle traffic and wild weather to security concerns and load shedding disruptions. Yet, their unwavering determination to deliver each package with a smile remains unshaken. Regardless of the hurdles they encounter, they are committed to placing every parcel into the hands of its intended recipient.

We salute every DPD ZA driver, each of whom embodies our pledge to deliver against all odds. They play a pivotal role in propelling South Africa’s commerce forward, and their resilience is truly commendable.

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