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What is personalisation?

Article provided by Zilo

Personalised marketing, also known as one-to-one marketing, is, as the name suggests, a completely customised form of marketing. Personalisation, specifically that of Personal Marketing harnesses the power of data captured from individual consumers and their behaviour. Your content is used to craft unique marketing experiences for targeted consumers, using data collected about them. Personalised marketing is the most focused form of targeted marketing. This differs from the bland traditional mass marketing, which is designed for the masses.

Great! How do we get started?

To successfully accomplish personalised marketing, a company has to gather as much personal information pertaining to its clients, fortunately, a vast amount of information is available on individual consumers these days. Consumers are provided with customised, target specific offers and recommendations based on collected data. Individuals are targeted based on past behaviour and interests.

Novelty or Business worthy?

All of this sounds great in theory, however, that is not how business works. One of the main questions when it comes to business is the return on investment, as much as marketing is required, personalised marketing requires a business to layout more, financially. So, is personalisation actually worth the time, money and effort? Well, let’s break this down further to understand the drive and focus behind personalised marketing.

We have already mentioned that personalisation in marketing material allows a company to target consumers on a one-to-one basis, making the marketing effective with current and prospective clients due to offering them what they want and need! So, what does this mean for businesses? Well, offering the right items to your clients results in an increase in the engagement with clients, which leads to an increase in conversions. As business owners, this doesn’t cut it! We need to know the numbers so let’s get to that.

Numbers, numbers and more … numbers

According to Experian, emails that are personalised are opened and read 30% more than those that aren’t personalised. Emails to clients that are personalised have a 41% higher click-through rate, in essence, consumers that have emails that are targeted to them are 41% more likely to click on a link to further view the deals the business has to offer them. Last but definitely not least, companies that have utilised the strategy of personalised marketing have seen an approximate total sale increase of 19%.

Companies that personalise their marketing leads yield happier clients that feel more connected to them, creating brand loyalty. Clients feel this way because they aren’t cluttered with items, they have no interest in. This creates brand loyalty and directly translates to money spent by clients.

Taking a look at the stats and the percentage on ROI, sending a personalised email to your clients seems like the right thing that all businesses should be doing with their marketing team. This is the current and trending means of digital marketing. Although you don’t stay ahead of the game by keeping up with the trends, you stay ahead by taking advantage of becoming a trendsetter. The future of digital marketing is personalised videos.

Personalised video marketing

So, we want to take this up a notch. We say that every consumer should get a video with not just their name on it, but a video tailored to their needs and wants. We want to offer them what they need when they need it.

Personalisation requires the collection of data; the more data collected the more personalised the marketing. The power of video allows a brand, company, organization to speak to their clients on a one-to-one basis. Identifying their needs using the data captured on previous buying behaviour. When we think about it, if anyone of us got a video from any of our service providers that greets us by name, offers us good deals on the interests that we have, and gives us good value for money, we would be impressed, I certainly would be.

How to stand out of the crowd

The current pace of life in this century has every one of us constantly busy, so we need what we need when we need it. Personalised video marketing allows you and your business to market the right product or service to the right consumers at the right time, those are the fundamentals of business, right? Having the right product at the right time being available to the right target market.

Automated personalised videos go out to thousands and they all seem like they were made personally.

Benefits of personalised videos

Living in a world where consumers are slammed with thousands of marketing messages all day means marketers have a difficult time standing out. This makes it almost impossible to try and keep audiences engaged and build relationships. However, by treating each prospect or client as an individual, it is possible to connect:

Personalised video service offers include:

  • Increased email open rates
  • Breaks through the noise of other marketing
  • Increased click-through rates
  • Higher engagement  
  • Builds relationships
  • Higher brand recall
  • Creates brand loyalty
  • Higher rate of satisfied customers

People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories and magic.” – Seth Godin

So, why are personalised videos so successful?

Human element

People do business with people. Not entities and robotic voices. Personalised videos provide that personal touch, an expression, body language or a simple voiceover which makes the message harder to ignore. By our very nature, human beings are social creatures. Seeing another friendly face amongst the sea of text in your inbox is like a shot of dopamine to the brain.

Personalised videos enhance your message by making it clearer and more persuasive. Providing the simple yet essential nuances of communication that are only available in face-to-face conversations. I’ve personally always said: “Get me in a room with the person and I could sell them ice in winter.”

The brain is wired for personalisation

A study from the University of Texas found that two key factors are preferred for personalised experiences: a desire for control and a desire for relevance. Those suggested items from Amazon and cues from Netflix start to make sense now.

Personalised and customisable videos stand out from everything else in our chaotic, disorganised lives. The video is for you and you own it, creating a sense of control. Consumers don’t have to shuffle and sort through thousands of bits of information with personalised videos. The video provides them with exactly the type of information they need, creating a sense of relevance.

It’s Business 101

“Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language” -Daniel Carnegie

The thought, time and effort taken to create a personalised video for your prospect or client matters to them. All of these factors show that you’re willing to go the extra mile and do more and go further than your competition.

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