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What it takes to be a champion

An inspirational message to the 2022 champions

Do you dream of being successful? Then you must want it. Want it as badly as your next breath. To go after it with a clear vision, fuelled by a burning desire for nothing less. Willing to take that ultimate risk and face the possibility of failure head on. To dare to believe you are in the league of those who achieve greatness.

Driven by passion, perseverance, and that unwavering confidence in their ability to triumph, the successful set their course. Transforming themselves from arrogant to humble, lazy to hardworking, negative to positive, unhappy to happy, ungrateful to grateful, pessimistic to optimistic, and unlikeable to likeable. They become the mercurial ones who never quit, constantly thinking and behaving like winners.

So think big and dream even bigger, but always embrace the magic of tiny steps, knowing each one will move you closer to your goal. Be persistent even when the odds are against you and the task seems insurmountable.

Speak positively about yourself and others. Never stop learning. Smile even when no one is watching. Give without expecting anything back. Demand excellence from yourself. Take responsibility for everything that happens. Practise integrity – always do what you say you will do.

Face adversity head-on. You may fall, you may fail, but with every blow you will get stronger, with every challenge you will become braver. It’s all about that dogged quest for success. Nothing can stand in your way, and no one can stop you. Become that unstoppable runaway success train.

Be an innovator, a job creator, and always remember, you are made to do great things. You can adapt, you can change direction, but you must never, never surrender.

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