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What makes me proudly South African

Article written by Tania Muhlenbeck (ActionCOACH Business Coach)

South Africa, is truly a country of abundance. We are blessed with beauty all around us. With places, I love like Table Mountain, Kruger National Park, Namaqualand, Vineyards of Franshoek, and the Blyde River Canyon. Did you know that South Africa holds the world’s longest wine route, meandering through some of the country’s most fertile, thriving grape valleys, stretching from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth?

What about our animals? First, we have the Big Five. The Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Buffalo and the Elephant, the largest land mammal. Then the tallest land mammal, the Giraffe. The largest bird, the Ostrich. The fastest land animal, the Cheetah and the largest antelope, the Eland, all a stone throw from our front door.

Considering what we, at times, may take for granted, reminds me just how privileged we are to

live in our beautiful country and how blessed we are to have it.

When posed with the question, “What makes you proudly South African?”, I am sure you will agree that every South African will answer a little differently from the next. For me, it is the beautiful diversity in communities, love for God, fellowman and country, along with all the beauty around us.

We proudly boast pushing the boundaries of science with marvellous inventions like the CAT scan, the Kreepy Krauly, Q20, Pratley’s Putty and remember the first successful heart transplant. All these and more, originated right here from our homeland.

Mindful of our history, we can acknowledge how far we have come as a nation and to

continue as one of Africa’s most successful countries. We further acknowledge that there is yet much work to be done and we rejoice in what makes us who we are as a community. Nelson Mandela once said: “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

Self-branded as the Rainbow Nation, we rejoice in a wide array of cultures, peoples, tribes, traditions, and tongues. Regardless of our struggles, the community, and tenacity of our people always comes to the fore when hardships strike. Millions have not yet realized their potential, the potential to contribute to be part of the solution, to help shape a better future.

As sure as we know the sun will rise tomorrow, there will be the next generation. The next generations should also be able to bask in the splendour that is our country; to enjoy the opportunities of freed by a supportive, efficient, well-functioning economy, sustained by strong communities and thriving businesses.

With our vision at ActionCOACH iNala to contribute to the growth of South Africa by significantly impacting employment through profitable and sustainable private enterprise, I am doing my share in impacting our beautiful country and its people. CHANGE STARTS WITH ME! How about you?

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