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What to look for when purchasing fleet for business

Whether you’re in the business of moving people or cargo, whatever keeps your business on the road, the Volkswagen commercial vehicles range is equipped with all the features and functionality ready to turn your model into the perfect business companion.

From the Amarok Single Cab, Amarok Double Cab, Caddy Cargo, Crafter 35 and Crafter 50 Panel Van, the Transporter 6.1 Panel Van, Transporter Crew Bus, or the Transporter Single & Double Cab; each one of the models that make up the Volkswagen commercial vehicles range boast innovative and adaptable qualities that give you the power to convert your model of choice to specifically service the needs of your business and your clients.

Let’s start with a trip down safety street

In life, just like in business, nothing comes guaranteed, and sometimes a little assurance and security isn’t a bad idea. In fact, when it comes to the business end of your business, i.e., your fleet, some highly recommend it.  

And we don’t blame them.

Because from the moment you turn on the ignition of your first fleet vehicle, to the moment you sign the paperwork when handing over ownership of your last, one of the major factors that will always contribute to the success of your business is your fleet’s safety conditions.

Safety first, so your fleet can last

Knowing that your fleet are in capable, reliable, roadworthy conditions means that half the job is done. Your clients’ demands will always be your first priority, and when you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your fleet will never fail you, you’ll be on the road to successful business opportunities that are destined to last. 

The Volkswagen commercial vehicle range has all the smart driver assist safety assistance features like Fatigue Detection, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Blind-Spot Monitoring, Lane Assist, and Crosswind Assist to name a few, all geared towards steering the safety of your business fleet and workforce in the right direction.

To ensure your vehicle stays in the best shape possible, always have it serviced at a certified Volkswagen dealership.

We’re making your business, ours

Your business is as unique as you are. Each vehicle within the Volkswagen commercial vehicles range comes with its own unique offering tailored to help service your business needs and ensure a successful profit margin.

Take our Transporter range for example. The Transporter 6.1 Panel Van and Transporter Single and Double Cabs both come in one wheelbase size, i.e., a long wheelbase, while the Transporter Crew Bus offers you the choice between a long and short wheelbase, and two roof height sizes respectively.

They’re also available in four different weight classes ranging from 2.8 to 3.2 tons. The 3-seater Transporter Panel Van boasts a load compartment volume of 6.7m3, making it ideal for conversions required within the emergency services field, courier services or general maintenance like plumbing, electrical or construction. The Transporter Crew Bus comes in 5-, 8- and 10-seater versions, making it ideal for any conversion linked to long distance transport, coachworks, etc.

And with payloads that range from 757kg to 1341kg across the Transporter Crew Bus range, 795kg to 849kg across the Transporter Panel Van range and 949kg to 1200kg across the Transporter Single and Double Cab range, we’ve made sure your Volkswagen makes light work of any load.

Then there’s the Amarok Single and Double Cab. Robust. Reliable. Designed to dominate and engineered to enthrall. Across the Amarok Single and Double Cab range, conversion-friendly features like an astounding 1-ton payload, a moving roof load capacity of 85kg and static roof load capacity of 350kg, wading depth 800mm and 3,5-ton towing capacity can be found.

Having one or more of these in your fleet means your conversion will most likely take place to accommodate your clients’ needs that fall within the farming, construction, private security and law enforcement or government sectors.

But, if your business conversion requires being tailored for more functional purposes, there’s the Crafter.

Diligent and dependable, the Crafter boasts a loading capacity ranging between 10.7m3 and 17.5m3, which means the Crafter can handle any load thrown at it. As smart as it is safe, clever Crosswind Assist will make sure the Crafter delivers and always stays in its lane by helping the driver control the vehicle during periods of strong winds. With one of the longest loading spaces in its class of up to 4.6m and two rear wing doors with a maximum opening angle of 2700, you’ll never have to leave anything, or anyone behind.

Popular conversions that are common for the Crafter are found in sectors like construction, taxi/shuttle services, campervans, mobile clinics, and ambulances. These conversions are done by third-party businesses, whom our dealership will consult with on your behalf.

Even with so many different models and variants to choose from, your business objectives will always remain the same. Whichever business you are in, you can be assured that the perfect conversion for the perfect business companion is just one click away.

Industrious and intelligent

As a business owner, you’re going to have to make lots of decisions. But the smart ones are the ones that will keep your business thriving. Choosing the right vehicle for your fleet is just as important as making sure it’s got all the safety boxes ticked. But we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure you stay focused on what’s important. While you’re on the road to driving your business forward, a host of super intelligent and innovative safety features do the thinking for you.

Step inside the Amarok, and beyond just a robust workhorse ready to take on any conversion, inside you’ll find a host of features like Lane Assist, Multi-Collision Brake Assist, I.Q Light, Area View Camera, Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Traffic Alert, Traffic Jam Assist, all geared towards adding an element of safety and innovation to your conversion. 

Move across to the Transporter – purpose built and ready to take on any task, and you’ll find all the brains to match its brawn. Features like Crosswind Assist for when the road ahead gets rough, Tyre Pressure Monitoring and Multi-Collision Braking System are all part and parcel of what make up the perfect conversion.

With the Crafter, you’re not just getting unrivalled capability and confidence in getting the job done, you’re also getting Electronic Stabilisation Programme combined with Brake Assist, Crosswind Assist band Multi-Collision Braking System. Not just built for service, but built with smarts too.

Things are always on the move when it comes to keeping your business going, that’s why the Caddy Cargo is built for whatever comes next. With a maximum payload of 718kg, dual sliding rear doors, load compartment of up to 3,7m3 and a maximum floor load compartment length of 2150mm, the Caddy Cargo will take your business to places you never imagined. But the Caddy Cargo isn’t just all about making sure your business end stays in shape. For those carrying precious cargo, the Caddy Cargo also comes standard with electronic parking brake, Auto Hold and multi-function steering wheel with speed sensitive power steering.

We’ve considered everything to make sure your losses stay low, and your profit margins stay high, through highly innovative thinking.

Moving onto the next venture

Whether you consider yourself a small, medium or large enterprise, there’s no task too mammoth or no job too small that our commercial vehicle range cannot overcome.

Each model has been intentionally designed to suit your clients’ needs and help your business flourish. From the medical sector, right through to the private sector, government and long-distance coachworks, there’s more than enough room in our range to make sure you find the perfect partner to help your business grow from strength to strength.

Find out more about the available fleet fit for the perfect conversion to suit your business needs at

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