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What uncapped data can do for your business

Article provided by Daisy Business Solutions

Approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created across the planet every day. A quintillion is over two times as much as a billion, a number so large that the human brain can’t fathom it properly.

In a world where data is becoming increasingly important, businesses need to be able to access as much of it as possible.

Uncapped data plans enable businesses to do just that, providing them with the ability to use as much data as they need without worrying about overage charges.

Uncapped plans are a huge advantage for businesses as they allow them to use data-heavy applications and services without worrying about the incurred cost. But, how exactly can companies benefit from uncapped data? Read on to find out.

What is uncapped data?

Uncapped data is a form of data agreement that businesses enter into with a service provider of choice. Uncapped data is unique because caps do not exist to restrict data usage. Under these agreements, companies can access an unlimited data amount at any given time that, in turn, improves overall business connectivity.

Think of this as similar to mobile phone contracts today. One can choose to either pay-as-you-go or pay monthly for usage. Alternatively, one can opt for an unlimited data plan.

Now that we know precisely what uncapped data is, how can it benefit your company?

1. Uncapped data opens up unlimited potential for your business

The first significant benefit of uncapped data is the opportunities it can provide for your company.

A business can create and store as much data as it needs daily without implementing limitations. As a result, data sets that were previously unachievable are now easily created.

For example, you could collect far more data on your customers’ purchasing behaviours, which then helps to improve customer retention numbers in the immediate future.

Or, one could save additional backups of everything created to improve your company’s security further.

Both of these options, alongside many other approaches to data, are often only possible if you’re on an uncapped data plan.

2. Uncapped data plans can be a cost-saving option

In 2019, companies spent an estimated $180billion on accruing data and business intelligence. Today, data can be an essential yet costly part of conducting business on a national and global scale.

Another crucial benefit of uncapped data plans is how they can save your company money over time.

Uncapped data plans are structured to renew repeatedly. That means you’ll often agree to pay an agreed sum each month, or each year, to ensure your access to uncapped data is maintained.

Today, large businesses use enormous amounts of data, mainly because remote and other hybridised work patterns render your company reliant on data more than previously.

Uncapped data plans work out cheaper than regular plans when you factor in the volume of data your company must access. Although the price may be slightly higher, you’ll save on incurred costs should you exceed the data allocation of a regular plan.

Therefore, they are a more reliable option. You control monthly spending and manage your IT and overall business budgets more efficiently.

3. Uncapped data allows greater flexibility and productivity

Uncapped data access allows increased flexibility in managing your company, partly because one can collate as much data as is required. This process makes available more opportunities for data analytics, including some of the examples mentioned above around customer retention.

However, data analytics also boosts the internal productivity of a company by streamlining internal processes, reducing costs and improving the overall way in which your business operates.

Data analytics also help automate future processes, further improving productivity levels.

Without an uncapped data plan, it can be challenging to collate enough data to make this a reality.

4. Uncapped data can help your company access better support

Finally, uncapped data clients are often the most valued by data providers. As a result, you’ll usually have access to a heightened level of support should anything go wrong.

That often includes 24/7 support services with dedicated, experienced customer service teams. It can also mean finding out more about your plan and modifying it should the need arise.

Customising your plan provides peace of mind regarding the costs involved with commercial data and how to use your data effectively.

Some of the best providers will have several branches across the country where you can gain in-person advice should such be necessary.

Once you’ve experienced the heightened support offered by an uncapped data plan, you’ll unlikely consider switching back to a regular one again.

Where can I find out more about uncapped data plans and their benefits?

Now you know how important data is for businesses and how an uncapped data plan can benefit your company. Daisy’s connectivity solutions can provide you with a step up in your IT and business connectivity solutions.

To find out more about how to access uncapped data plans or transform your existing processes, contact our experienced team directly.

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