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WhatsApp marketing for SMEs 101

According to recent studies, WhatsApp is ranked as the most used mobile messenger app in the world and the messages received on WhatsApp have an open rate of 98%. With these statistics in mind, WhatsApp looks like a prime app to market on. The other benefit of WhatsApp is that your ads are not subject to an algorithm for your client to see them. Let’s look at four ways to market your SME on WhatsApp.

1. Get customer buy-in

As WhatsApp is used by the majority of people to communicate with their friends and family, you need to respect this space if your customers allow you to send them messages. For your customers to get broadcast messages, they need to have your number on their phone where they receive WhatsApp messages.

2. Decide on which format to use

WhatsApp comes in three formats. There is the general WhatsApp app which is used by the general public and has the capability to broadcast messages and form groups on it. Then there is the WhatsApp Business app which allows you to set up a business profile and create a catalogue. You can also direct people from Facebook to your WhatsApp to help move them from considering your product to buying it. The app also has automated answers for frequently asked questions. Lastly, there is the WhatsApp API which can be used by developers to make messaging work for your business. This version of WhatsApp comes with a price depending on how you use it for your business.

3. Create automated messages

If you use the Business App, you can create a greeting and some quick messages for frequently asked questions. Set these up, so that you can reply to your customer as quickly as possible. When writing these messages remember your brand persona and ensure that the messaging sounds the same as how you communicate on social media and your webpage.

4. Promote Whatsapp Chat

Now, you can promote WhatsApp chat on your social media pages and web page. You will be able to give your customer support during the buying phase. You could also send your customers messages about how their order is going and lastly, you can use your status to promote specials which you are having for the month.

WhatsApp is a relatively new platform to marketing but if utilised well can give you the competitive edge you might be looking for.

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