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Why a business security system is more cost-effective in the long run

Article provided by Daisy Business Solutions

For years, South Africa has seen crime rates consistently increase, with one of the most common crimes being theft. 

Thefts don’t only affect individual residents and families but also impact heavily on businesses and organisations. This threat is one of many reasons why business security is so critical. 

Business security solutions play a crucial role in protecting companies from external harm. The question is, what kind of security system is most cost-effective in the long run?

Many people assume that physical security guards are the most cost-effective solution. After all, a physical guard can intercept intruders and trespassers. 

However, there are alternate solutions that many businesses opt for instead. They are remote security solutions, and they allow you to monitor every aspect of your business. 

So, how do you choose between the two systems? If that’s what you’re asking, you’re in luck! We’ll explore the pros and cons of these options in the article below. 

The advantages of business security guards

Hiring a security guard provides several benefits as their presence protects a business by deterring crime from the premises. After all, a thief is less likely to rob a property if there’s a physical impediment present. 

The same holds for assaults and vandalism. Guards spot dangerous activity, and their presence deters perpetrators.

Stationing a guard on-site can save money because they protect a business’s goods and buildings, so you will not need to worry about replacing stolen items or repairing goods and property damaged by vandalism.

Furthermore, security guards provide a sense of security for your customers and staff. A staff that feels safe is more productive throughout the workday. A feeling of safety also increases employee retention, which saves money. 

In certain instances, security guards also provide basic customer service needs to your company. For example, they may assist customers in finding the products or departments they seek and escort them to the correct places, eliminating the need to hire more customer service representatives. 

The disadvantages of business security guards

While hiring on-site business security guards can provide several advantages, they can too be expensive. 

When employing a full-time security guard, you become responsible for paying either hourly or salary wages. According to PayScale, the average basic salary for a security guard is roughly R52,365 per year. 

An entry-level security guard with under five years of experience usually makes R45,000 per year. A senior-level security guard with eight years or more experience can earn up to R70,000. 

If they work full-time hours, you’ll likely provide them medical cover and some base benefits. After all, a guarding job poses several risks that other professions lack. These employees may need insurance for job concerns. 

This fact leads to another disadvantage of employing security guards. Suppose your guard encounters a burglar attempting to break into the premises at night. That encounter could quickly lead to a physical threat or even bodily injury. 

If your security guard becomes injured, you may have to pay their medical bills or provide worker’s compensation, and it may not be a one-time occurrence, either. 

This danger isn’t only a financial one. Security guards are members of your workplace family too, and the last thing you want is their personal safety and injuries to haunt your conscience. 

The pros of business security system solutions

Another increasingly popular method of ensuring safety and security is to invest in a digital security system. On the surface, these often seem like less effective measures than hiring physical security guards. After all, a camera can’t intercept a burglar or an aggravated assailant like a guard can. 

However, these systems do provide notable cost-effective advantages for businesses. Our Daisy Solutions packages, in particular, are tailored to meet several business security needs. 

For example, we offer a comprehensive retail security solution that monitors foot traffic, detects intrusion, monitors warehousing, shoppers, and more. 

We offer many of these security features by providing top-quality cameras that can monitor your entire business premises. 

Security cameras provide benefits that guards cannot. They monitor more extensive areas of the building and grounds, and likewise, they can record an event and provide help for law enforcement to identify and apprehend perpetrators. 

This monitoring feature doesn’t impact your security only; it can also help your company escape other liabilities. For example, employees commonly claim workman’s compensation for injuries they sustained while on the job. However, sometimes those injuries happen due to an employee not adhering to regulations and safety standards. If that’s the case, your cameras will capture the evidence that can prove it. 

Finally, paying salaries and benefits are negated by implementing security solutions like these. Some solutions businesses even offer a subscription model for their security services. In this way, your organisation saves thousands and gains more comprehensive security. 

The cons of business security system solutions

There are some negatives associated with using cameras and digital systems. Although it’s generally quite challenging, a skilled hacker can infiltrate these systems and manipulate them. This way, they can defeat your security and gain access to your building.

Security cameras are not able to prevent theft. Yes, camera footage makes it easier to identify and catch a criminal; however, there’s no guarantee that this footage will capture every offender. 

There’s also a privacy concern. Facial recognition and license plate cameras often capture more information about your customers or workers than they may want you to know.

Similarly, privacy concerns prohibit placing cameras in private areas like restrooms, thereby creating blind spots and making it impossible to capture camera evidence to consult if an incident occurs in these areas. 

Finally, security cameras don’t foster the same sense of safety as a physical security guard, and people trust individuals more than digital technology. 

Finding the best security for your business

These business security models each provide significant advantages and disadvantages, and either one may appeal to your business. 

However, there’s no question which of these approaches is more cost-effective. Surveillance systems and digital security offer a much more comprehensive approach to security than a physical guard can provide. 

Businesses can save thousands of Rands monthly by moving away from traditional guarding and switching to surveillance systems. 

Daisy Business Solutions offers top-grade security to businesses throughout South Africa. Our systems include, among many others, access control, high-quality cameras, and retail security. 

Skilled consultants will help you to find the best solutions! 

Contact us today to find the security you need!

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