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Why Grobank? For SMEs: it’s service, costs, agility

“With the banking sector in an ongoing state of disruption from new entrants and fintech, both individuals and small businesses are looking to match agility with the trust factor,” says Grobank CEO Bennie van Rooy.

“Our strong relationship culture that began in the 1940s as Bank of Athens, and value propositions added to that include highly competitive rates, a selection of short and long term arrangements for fixed deposits and, of course, robust backing from our partnerships. New clients also benefit from our excellent service, client integration, and an array of additional products and services.”

Van Rooy notes that the value proposition for investors makes Grobank highly attractive, with the current offering being 6.00% variable rate (NACM), on a minimum new deposit of R50 000.00.  “Grobank takes its place among the more trusted financial institutions in South Africa, and competitive rates along with a selection of terms over short and longer periods have generated a sense of safety and trust among investors,” he adds.

Grobank is known for its flexibility and personal relationships with clients that has come to mean dependability to businesses across all sectors, from manufacturing, wholesale and retail, to logistics, property development, legal practises and the agricultural sector.

Personal service as a differentiator

Competitive rates alone are no longer enough to win over a client. Service is key, and robust advice, effortless onboarding and account opening, and a broad variety of banking products and services appeal to both current and new clients.

Among the clients that take advantage of Grobank’s agility and fundamental understanding of their business needs are owners, directors and managers of SMEs with an annual turnover of R5-million to R500-million with anything from three to 150 staff members.

Says Van Rooy: “The demographic is across all sectors of the population who are looking for a proactive banking service that offers a choice of rates, flexibility and access in times of need.

“Safety of funds and whether their interest calculated and paid monthly or at end of their time period is important to our clients, who also trust our Business Managers’ advice on movements in the market and possible fixed rates to ensure their financial wellbeing.”

With a history of community banking and personal service, Grobank is the financial institution of choice for SMEs and other enterprises looking to weather a storm as well as share in the comfort of personalised, industry-specific expertise during times of growth.  

Grobank is a proud Partner of the NSBC.

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