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Why reliable collection and payment is indispensable for SMMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs) often navigate challenging waters. These enterprises are the backbone of our economy, driving growth, innovation, and job creation. However, they may face financial fluxes, making optimising every aspect of their operations essential. One such aspect that deserves attention is payment collection. 

Steven Maier, Chief Brand Officer at Amplifin, South Africa’s leading collections and payments solutions provider, underscores the importance of reliable payment collection for SMMEs.

The crucial link between reliable payment collection and SMME success

Maier highlights how an efficient payment collection system can be a game-changer for SMMEs, stating, “Reliable payment collection is the cornerstone of an SMME’s financial stability. It ensures a healthy cash flow and the ability to meet financial commitments, such as paying suppliers, employees, and other operational costs. Payments isn’t just about collecting payments; it’s about securing the lifeline of your business.”

 The impact of a reliable payment collection system empowers businesses to plan, invest, and expand confidently. “A stable and consistent cash flow allows SMMEs to seize growth opportunities, invest in innovation, and create more job opportunities. The catalyst propels a business from surviving to thriving,” adds Maier.

 It is critical that SMMEs have access to reliable payment collection and management solutions for their needs.

 Selecting the right payment collection system for SMMEs

“SMMEs have distinctive needs, and a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work. We offer intelligent technology that aligns with each business’s specific requirements.”

Amplifin offers a variety of solutions ideally suited to businesses of all sizes. These include DebiCheck, an advanced debit order system, Zulo Business Portal, an efficient business management system, and card payment solutions allowing businesses to accept debit and credit card payments. Maier delves into the benefits of these solutions, illustrating how they cater to the specific needs of SMMEs:

  1. DebiCheck:
    It is an advanced debit order solution and collections are processed early in the morning, aligning the collections with when consumers receive their salaries or wages. This timing minimises the chances of encountering ‘Insufficient Funds’ responses, significantly improving collection success rates. It also provides a credit tracking functionality meaning collections are automatically represented for a specified number of days (up to 9 days after the original presentment day) and real-time collection responses ensures the business is constantly aware of the state of their collections.
  2. EFT Debit Orders:
    Our EFT Debit Orders provide a simple, cost-effective, and efficient way for businesses to collect payments when the time of the processing of the collections is not time sensitive, meaning the debit order does not need to be presented early in the morning to align with salary credits. We have broken down the barriers to entry, by ensuring our clients do not need to have large amounts of funds available as collateral which is often the case with other providers of this payment stream.
  3. Card Payment Solutions:
    It allows businesses of all sizes to accept debit and credit card payments at highly competitive rates, significantly reducing the amount of cash in the business as well as increasing the number of payment options available to customers. The company’s highly secure solution ensures maximum uptime accompanied by modern and reliable card payment devices that offer clients’ customers a pain-free and professional method of payment.
  4. Zulo Business Portal
    This portal offers an innovative and standalone web-based Point of Sale (POS) system crafted to streamline business operations and enhance the customer experience. This elevates customer experiences and effortlessly handles a diverse range of sales functions. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it the perfect choice for SMMEs looking to level the playing field, while also excelling in inventory management and facilitating seamless sales processes from start to finish. Amplifin’s card payment solutions are also fully integrated into Zulo allowing for a streamlined and efficient end-to-end experience for customers.

According to Maier, Amplifin not only offers payment terms and solutions that are clearly incentivised by their clients’ success, but also backs this up with regular consultative engagements with clients, in-depth collection statistical analysis, and advice on increasing success, reducing costs, and remaining compliant.

By securing a steady cash flow, improving financial stability, and propelling business growth, a well-crafted payment collection system is an invaluable asset. Amplifin’s commitment to financial inclusion and innovative solutions positions them as a reliable partner for SMMEs looking to thrive in an increasingly competitive business landscape.

Amplifin is a proud National Partner of the NSBC

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