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Why you need to invest in business security systems

A business is far more than merely your source of income, and your hard-earned cash results from years of dreams and plans. Thus, protecting something as important as your livelihood is only natural, especially when crime runs amok.

Keep your business safe from burglary, fires, and theft with business security. Give yourself the ability to stay connected to your livelihood site even when you’re home. Not only is commercial security convenient, but it’s also essential.

How do you monitor the goings-on on-site, in-store? How do you retrace the day’s business and keep your inventory safe from sticky fingers? The answer is: with a proper business security plan and system.

Read on for more about investing in heightened security measures that protect your business.


More challenging times mean stickier fingers. Over 40 thousand businesses, including malls, banks, and pharmacies, suffered in 2021 because of widespread rioting. However, more minor incidents happen every day as thieves become more creative with their methods.

Even if you’re a small business, don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re not big enough to be a target. It’s the smaller companies who suffer the most from shoplifting incidents. However, proper security measures can help catch thieves in the act, obtain proof, or prevent theft.


Have you ever heard of Murphy’s law? When anything that could go wrong goes wrong. There is always a chance that it could happen to you, and it is for this reason that after installing security systems, one needs to know, for maximum efficiency, how to use them correctly.

Luckily, alarm systems can be programmed to alert local authorities and rescue services to an incident. However, it also can’t hurt to have an additional line of defence on hand in the way of automatic sprinklers. Rest easy with a more secure site.

Destruction of property

People tend to violate rules knowing they won’t get caught and won’t have to face the consequences of their actions. However, repairing wrecked equipment and cleaning up after vandalism comes at a high cost to business owners.

Put a stop to this by installing monitoring and securing systems. Many security systems nowadays can link directly to your phone, making it possible to view what’s going on in your business, regardless of where you are. Furthermore, cameras and monitoring equipment are successful preventive measures acting as a deterrent to such crimes.

Unauthorised access

With great power comes great responsibility. Never has this been more accurate a sentiment than when we refer to critical data. Sensitive data stored onsite may pose a significant risk to a company should it fall into the hands of competitors or find its way to the public eye.

If your business holds sensitive information, such as customers’ credit card details and addresses, think again, even if you believe you have a strong password. Begin to think outside the box here. A secure cloud hosting server is a great way to protect sensitive data.

Legal incidents

Unfortunately, even the best security systems can also sometimes fail. If such an incident unfolds and you end up in legal waters, you want proof to back up and substantiate any related claims. Security camera footage can be your saving grace if you find yourself in court.

What can you do?

Once you know what you’re up against and where your possible vulnerabilities lie, it’s time to set up security measures. Here are some things you can do to better protect your business from threats.


Thieves work in silence and stealth; thus, nothing makes them scramble like having their cover blown by alarms. Burglars are less likely to infiltrate or attempt to rob somewhere they know has heightened security.

These days, alarms can even be discreet and alert only yourself. This way, the tables are turned, and it puts the element of surprise in your hands when you call the police on them.


Surveillance cameras serve a twofold purpose: monitoring real-time events and deterring crime. In other words, you have a deterrent against theft, but you also have solid evidence in the event of theft. Cameras allow you to record, transmit, and review footage.


Explicitly designed to detect when something is amiss, you have a variety of sensors from which to choose. A few are motion detectors, glass break sensors, and acoustic sensors.

Triggering these sensors will activate the layers of security installed on your premises. Check how you can best customise the sensors to fit your commercial protection needs.

Remote Connection

Leaving your business alone is anxiety-inducing. Fortunately, though, you will no longer have to do so, thanks to remote connections.

Keep in touch with your livelihood from the comfort of your home or office by tapping into real-time viewing of surveillance cameras.

24/7 Monitoring systems with connections to local resources

Install a comprehensive security system with connections to your local authorities. These systems alert your local police and fire stations of robberies in progress or fires, so dispatch happens as soon as possible.

Have the professionals install a central panel about untoward activities for a comprehensive solution.

Redundant power systems

So, you’ve invested in all these wonderful protective gadgets and gizmos, but the problem now is that they’re all reliant on a single power source. What happens when the power source shuts down? You cannot risk your entire security system going offline.

In the event of a power outage or a criminal shutting down your main power supply, you become exposed. Prevent this exposure by installing a failsafe for energy with generators, solar panels, or battery backups. These backup systems will keep your business security up and running.

Fail-safe or fail-secure

Even the highly guarded Vatican experienced an attempted robbery. This shows us that there are still risks of breach even with the beefiest of all security systems. In the unfortunate event that someone bypasses your security system, you will want to have installed a final layer of protection.

A fail-safe or fail-secure is the last boss. Fail-safes allow doors to stay open in the event of fires where you need to evacuate without obstacles. Fail-secures shut off all exits, trapping offenders until the authorities arrive.

One can also program these features into a computer or laptop to monitor access to data. Should unauthorised access to sensitive data occur, the functionality will ping your system, deny access, and protect all data.

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve with business security

Business security should be a priority for all business owners. Secure your site from the destruction of property, theft, calamity, or unauthorised access.

By beefing up your business security system to monitor customers, employees, and inventory, you will keep everything in your empire safe and in check. Contact us today at Daisy Solutions. We don’t sell products; we sell solutions.

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