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Why you should install automatic number plate recognition security

What are automatic number plate recognition systems? These security solutions, also known as ANPR, are used by law enforcement agencies, toll collectors, and more to aid with, amongst many others, stolen vehicle detection, ticketless parking, and smart billing. 

They offer many benefits to business owners who use ANPR security solutions on their properties. 

To learn more about the benefits of security and an automatic number plate recognition system, keep reading this article for everything you need to know about an ANPR security system.

Additional Security

The primary reason businesses use automatic number plate recognition systems is that they add a higher level of security. These camera-based systems act as a deterrent to criminal activity. If criminals know that their license plate is recorded and checked, they are more likely to get caught. 

In addition, ANPR systems successfully identify suspicious vehicles and help to locate vehicles involved in crimes. 

These security systems capture and store data regarding visits to your property and display detailed information regarding such visits. It thus makes it easy to provide evidence in criminal cases should such be necessary.

A recent study of businesses in South Africa found that 54% of companies had experienced a crime in the past year. Suppose you’d like to protect your business from criminals at entry points; an ANPR camera will monitor your premises and fulfill this need. 

Automated Services

What makes ANPR security solutions great for businesses is that they provide automated services. If you have a car park, you may need a parking warden to patrol the lot to ensure people do not trespass. 

However, this one-person patrolling a large lot may not be as efficient or dependable as an automated system. For example, manual checks of your parking lot may likely result in human error and thus a higher chance of security breaches. 

Thanks to an ANPR systems’ advanced technology, it has nearly 100% accuracy in identifying unauthorised vehicles and recording their license plate information.

It is beneficial too to combine ANPR cameras with your existing guarding personnel. 

Real-Time Imaging

Utilising an ANPR security system also provides real-time imaging of your property. This real-time notification is essential for businesses, especially if they need to send penalty notices or fines to people who trespass on their property. 

In the past, number plate recording would take much time as people had to do it manually. This time-consuming task of manual recording resulted in more time required to issue fines or locate criminals who trespassed on a property. 

In contrast, ANPR systems recognise plate numbers instantly. This way, they can check against a database and send out penalties much faster. Additionally, alerts of any criminal activity on your property occur in real-time. This way, one can immediately contact the police for assistance. 

24/7 Monitoring

Another worthy reason to use an ANPR security system for your business is that it provides 24/7 monitoring. Monitoring and protecting a car park or parking lot at all times of the day enhances security. 

If your business has a toll booth or a security guard, it may become costly to have them on duty 24/7. However, a license plate monitoring system ensures you know who enters your property, when they arrive, and when they leave. 

24/7 monitoring is also a great feature that deters crime. People will often try to breach your property’s borders after business hours when no one is there. In these instances, a monitoring system helps prevent crime. It makes it easier to catch and identify intruders on your property. 

Cost-Effective Solution

This type of security system is also cost-effective. As there is no need to hire security guards or other personnel to watch over your property, it reduces costs to your business. 

One may also issue fines to persons entering the property who shouldn’t have been there. For example, many ANPR systems allow you to block specific individuals from accessing a property. If the system recognises their number plate, they may be fined for trespassing and even prevented from entering your property in the future.

For example, car park owners can penalise those who exceed the maximum time limit while parking on the property.

Efficient and Reliable

Other great benefits of a security system for identifying license plates are efficiency and reliability. The time-consuming manual work associated with managing and paying guarding services is eliminated, thus making your business more efficient. One may entirely negate human involvement via a fully automated ANPR security system. 

Easier to Manage Resources

Finally, using an ANPR security system allows you to manage your resources more efficiently! Cameras and software that control gates and barriers that lead to your property can be customised. 

For example, your ANPR system can recognise the plate numbers of your employees and automatically open gates upon their arrival at your property. 

This access control is an excellent employee management tool that helps overall business management. It may act to track your employees’ time and attendance. 

Need ANPR Security Solutions for your business? 

When aiming to improve your business’ security system, it is important to find cost-effective and reliable methods that make this easy and seamless. A customised ANPR system will achieve this goal for your company and protect your assets more effectively.

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